6 Christmas DIY You Can Make With A Waste Bag

all spend more beautiful, more family, spend money buying gifts, give a little more attention to our home and decoration, but it also catches us with a little consumerism.

Efforts are being made around the world to reduce the consumption of various objects that damage the environment. In England three years ago a Christmas tree was created only from garbage bags and store bags in order to spread a great message. Consumerism should not prevail over the Christmas spirit. It is a fact that the world is using an enormous amount of plastic bags that harm the environment, and especially during Christmas, this use is increasing even more.

Our favorite brand SANITAS also sends a great message, this Christmas, presenting SANITAS Nature Friendly waste bags from recycled high strength material with practical Easy-Pack handles. SANITAS cares about the environment and creates these new bags that you can use in many different ways. And because we want to show you what “Christmas spirit” means without spending a fortune, we have prepared a list of wonderful diy and ideas to use SANITAS Nature Friendly litter bags in alternative ways.

Use SANITAS Nature Friendly litter bags in alternative ways.

Make a Christmas Wreath Get some SANITAS Nature Friendly litter bags and cut off their sealed finish to create an opening on both sides. Cut along your bag to open it on a single surface and cut strips of moderate thickness. Then cut smaller rectangular or square shapes and using the back of a pencil (to be placed in the middle of each square) and a little glue stick them onto a stylized corolla base by pressing the pencil until your box gets stuck. Put enough squares until your surface is full. Decorate with some mistletoe and other Christmas decorations and hang your eco wreath on the front door.

Make a lovely Christmas wreath.

Create a Christmas garland Take a lane from your bag and cut it into many thin strips on both sides. Fold the strip in the middle (make sure you have not trimmed the thin stripes but leave a short distance without being cut) and tie with a rope making a loop like the picture below. Hang on a rope and decorate with your garland the headboard or your wall.

Use the SANITAS Nature Friendly litter bags to make a holiday garland.

Hang your ornaments SANITAS Nature Friendly litter bags are high-strength and you can see for yourself. Create small babies from your bags and use them to hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree. The result will be uniform and will give a particular touch to your tree.

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