7 Incredible Things You Can Do With A Food Bag!

It is a fact that the food bag is one of the most useful things in the kitchen! In fact, it is useful for proper food freezing but also for many other uses that you may not have imagined to date.

Put the ice cream box in a food bag The SANITAS food bag with practical CLIPs reduces the oxygen of the ice cream so the ice cream does not freeze too much but stays at the right temperature for consumption at any time and time. So when you remove the ice cream from the bag you will see how it will be creamy and softer, ready to enjoy it!

In the food bag the ice cream is kept at the right freezing temperature without freezing.

Make an Emergency Breakfast Wake up in the morning and have an appetite for pancakes? Make some pancakes above, put half in a SANITAS food bag with practical CLIP and place the bag in the freezer. The next time you have an appetite for pancakes, you can simply remove them from the food bag and heat them in a few seconds in the microwave.

Break cookies without dirty the kitchen Do you want to break biscuits or toast but do not want to dirty the whole kitchen? The solution is very simple and you will achieve the result you want with a SANITAS food bag with practical CLIP. Just put the cookies in the sachet, close it with the practical clips you find inside the package and using a heavy object break your cookies in as small pieces as you like.

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