Woolen: Get Rid of Their Fleece in Time dt!

A single move is needed to get rid of the fluff you get your woolen outfits in the long run. See the following and save your wool.

Your secret weapon to remove the fluff is from now on the shaving razor. Apply the cloth to a hard flat surface. Then take an old razor that you do not use anymore and go with that cloth “shaving” the lint.

It’s easy!

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This will remove the lint in minute. It goes without saying that you will take careful moves (we do not have to tell you) so as not to destroy your garment. If you are afraid, you can try out some old woolen outfit so you can be sure everything is done as it should.

Another solution beyond the razor is the serpentine. All you have to do is cut a little serpentine and pass it with your two hands over the garment. If the lint is not too much the result will surprise you.

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